Meandering in Places, Spaces and Grids, 2018

Graduation Show, Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University,  Post Graduate Dipoma Fine Arts

My research project stemmed largely from my curiosity of the grid,  both in it’s art historical context and also as a colonial construct.   In these works the grid is concealed, to a certain extent, by gestural markings indicative of nature.  I think of these works as a metaphor for a return to nature, spirituality and indigenous knowledge systems, a kind of “re-wilding”.


Version 4
“Totally Alive and Waiting”, 500x550mm, Oil paint on Canvas


Version 3
“Low Flying Panic Attack” 450x500mm, Acrylic and Oil on Linen

Finalist in the New Zealand Contemporary Art Awards, Waikato Museum, 2019



_43A0634web_800px_wide (1)
“Stay in the Shadows”, 1000x850mm, Acrylic and Oil paint on Linen



Version 3
“The Grass grows over me”, 400x400mm, Oil paint on Linen



Version 4
“Under Hot Fluorescent Lights”, 400x400mm, Oil paint on Canvas


“Catching my Reflection in the Window”, 500x500mm, Oil paint on Canvas


_43A0639web 2 2
“Message Coming In”, 500x500mm, Acrylic and Oil paint on Linen
“The wind rushing round my open heart”, 300x370mm, Acrylic on Plywood


Installation, Elam Grad Show, 2018


Installation, Elam Grad Show, 2018



Water Colour works on Hahnemühle fine art paper.

“Sediment of Thought”, Water from Tamaki Estuary and Pigment on Paper, Finalist Estuary Art Awards 2018 575x750mm

In the Tamaki Estuary there is a lot of heavy metal sediment from years of infrastructure and pollution run-off.  This sediment has had a hugely detrimental affect on the wildlife in the river, which used to be a pristine feeding ground for the local whenua residing there.  This work is a water colour using the water from the estuary, it is painted in a way that the pigment is left to dry in a puddle of water on the surface of the paper, much like sediment would.  There is also a gold pigment pattern over top which is symbolic of the metals present in the sediment of the Tamaki River.

Watercolour and Weed on paper, , 575x750mm


Watercolour and weed on paper, 575x750mm

These works are a response to a heavily polluted stream at the back of our properties at Port Waikato.  The stream is full of Azolla weed, a recently introduced species, which forms dense mats and outcompetes native plant species. These infestations reduce light levels below the mats and cause die off of water plants and algae and reduce water oxygenation levels with serious impacts on fish and other fauna. Not only can very little survive under such conditions, but the quality of drinking water is reduced, caused by bad odours, colour and turbidity. A. filiculoides can block canals, drains and overflows and may lead to an increased risk of flooding.  This weed is becoming widespread in our waterways.


Painting the Grid

Version 2
“Beyond You, Beyond Me”, Oil paint on Canvas, 450x400mm


Version 2
“Where the sun shines through”, Oil paint on canvas, 450x450mm